zondag 20 juli 2008

Gone sailing.....

Yes , I was.

I love sailing.

We have a small sailingboat of our own and a little holliday house

in the north parts of our country, where it is called Friesland.

Where they have their own language and flag.

Lots of water and beautiful skies.

And where they have "Sk├╗tsjes".

Old cargo boats with flat bottoms , so they could sail in very undeep waters .

To transport manure and peat and earn their poorly bread.

While living aboard with the whole family in very bad circumstances.

But that's historie .

These days now , they only sail competitions , once a year, every day in a different place in Friesland.

Most of the boats are from different villages , so there is also a lot of honour involved.

Its a real battle, between ships, skippers , crew and villages.

And a lot of power from man ( hardly no womans world), wind and water.

And we where there...

watching ...

and admiring...

Natural power at its best.

Wish you where there to join this !!

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koken in de buurt zei

Joh, je zit zowat bij mij om de hoek. Kom eens langszeilen joh ;-)
Fijne vakantie!!!!