maandag 1 februari 2010

A new blog is born

My second one :


Sad to say it's in dutch...
But I'll tell you about it. It 's all about a french china , very old ,from a little town , Sarreguemines in France. The name is Enfants Richard and probably the illustrations are from Kate Greenaway , an English writer of children's books in that time.

It's in my family for ages .It was there allready ,as far as I know ,in 1925 when my mother was born. When my brothers and I were little ,we loved when the pancake plate and the the sugar pot and so where used. Each of the pieces has memories , things to tell and each picture has its own story , told by my Mam when we where kids. Dear dear memories. There where no plates left and that's why I started collecting .Now a days I'm trying to find all kinds of items to make it complete.Thats what I'm telling about in my Blog . And if any-one of you has some of that china hidden under the know where to find me!
In the mean time , take a look at my new blogspot if you like :

There also are pictures of other collectioners , so don't think that big big cupboard is mine. Wish it was....
These are mine :


Cute isn't it ? Worth telling about !!

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Baking Soda zei

Great idea to announce it here, hope this will get your new baby blog up in the Google search and you'll be getting new items soon!

Proost! Op t nieuwe blogje!

Sara zei

how interesting! if only i spoke dutch!:)