zaterdag 16 februari 2008

Royal Crown Tortano


Twelve "Bread Baking Babes ",

from everywhere in the world ,
are showing the bread they all worked on :


from the recipe of Maggie Gleezer.

Yes, we all struggled with this very wet
dough , the circle in the middle and the airholes inside that where supposed to be radish-size aircells.
It took 19 hours to make it , but only 20 minutes of active work .

( Did it ? Only twenty ? Not counting the hours to clean the countertop then...)

As already said, most of the time was waiting...

For the rest it was kind of fighting with the very wet dough..

And struggling to get it in shape.

And then...

Making the middle whole the French Baker's way...

Proofing the dough in my French banneton.

Baking it off...

And there it is.....but where is that middle hole ?

In the oven , this Royal Crown Tortano blew up like a balloon....

and my perfect round circle- hole became some sort of strange belly-button...

But never the less , the bread tasted


Do you want more Royal Crown Tortano story's ?
The recipe , maybe?
Read all about the twelve Bread Baking Babe's and find out who and what we are?
Just look at the blogs of the other Bread Baking Babes ,
on the right side of this blog.

10 opmerkingen:

Lien zei

Looks terrific Monique! Some pictures can't be seen yet. This really wouldn't be a punishment... your bread and some water ;-)))

breadchick zei

I'm with Lien, if you are going to force me to live on Bread and Water, then make sure it is this bread!!!

Cookie baker Lynn zei

Gorgeous loaf! I especially like the elbow technique shot. Good job!

Lien zei

Hoorah, I can see all pictures now!! Maybe it was just my computer that was causing trouble!!

MyKitchenInHalfCups zei

Fantastic Bread Baking Babe!!! And to think for me with you it all started with Bagels!! May we always laugh and roll on the floor.
You have a wonderful elbow, I need elbow lessons ;0))

Karen Baking Soda zei

Girl, you know how to move that elbow! Mmmm lovely bread.

Ilva zei

Oh I want that pretty bread cap! it looks great!

sher zei

I love your bread! Perfect! And I think I've told you before how much I covet those darling bowl covers. And that elbow move--fabulous! :):)

Sara zei

I love the first two pictures - the slice of bread and that adorable strawberry cap!

Andrea zei

Great shot of the elbow technique. Your loaf looks wonderfully rustic!