zaterdag 5 april 2008

Did it again.....

Yes I did.

And I promissed myselve never ever to buy a breadbook again.

Or any other cookbook.

Really I did. Once.

But I did it again.

In Paris.
I bought books

I couln't resist these two :

"Bread" and "Chocolat".

All there is to know about.

How could I leave them in that shop.

And just walk away..

Felt like leaving a loved one.


No problem this time to try to stuff them in my

chock-full bookshelfs.

Or on my overloaded kitchencountertop.

Or beside my bed.

Or where-ever I need to find a place for all that books.

YES , beiing this size I can buy another million books.

I still have place in my cookie-jar.

Or behind the teapot...

Only one problem....

Did any-one see my reading glasses ?

7 opmerkingen:

Baking Soda zei

OOOhhh Aren't they cute and adorable little books! Reading glasses....pff you'll need a magnifying glass. Funny!

Sara zei

Ha ha! Those are so cute! You'll need a little mini bookshelf.

koken in de buurt zei

hm, hadden we nou nog maar zo'n 70-er jaren letterbak :-)

MyKitchenInHalfCups zei

Now that is just what my husband would love!
That is really great Monique!

Lien zei

Hahaha, wat een mooi mop als je dat ontdekt bij het naar beneden scrollen!! Goeie grap!

sher zei

LOL!!! I love them! Another reason to go to Paris! And you have lovely fingers. :)

Cookie baker Lynn zei

So cute, but I'd never be able to read them with my wretched eyes. And one cooking blotch and the whole cookbook would be ruined.