woensdag 19 november 2008

Rosendals' knäckebröd

I know , a little too late but I proudly present my :

I made some Knäckebröt before and well , to be honest...I better buy them.
But it was this month's Bread Baking Babes thing-to-do ,so I had to bake them again.
And guess what ?? They turned out great.
All thanks to Görel from Graindoe , our Swedish Babe sister who is our kitchen of the month . Go visit her for the real recipe and how to make this Knäckebröt. And also for your Bread Baking Babe Buddy -badge , she'll tell you how to earn it . On your way to Görel , knock on the door of the other BBB's (you'll find them on the right side of this blog ) , for more Knäckebröt , ideas and advices.

My great result was also thanks to Karen and Lien , who struggled allready with the amount of dutch Rye and wrote wise things about that. And ohhh yes , I took advantage of it , of course . Shame on me !
A second confession....I left out the complete rye starter ,because starters and I ..lets say we don't like each-other . I used all the ingredients and amounts from the recipe and simply left out that starter . And see...it worked fine . Maybe there's a little different in taste but who can see that on a picture ,?? !! And I'll never know what I mis , unless one of my dear BBBsisters is going to send me a piece of hers . Ha, I bet they won't.
Any way , they were fun to do , easy to make and they were great .

Thanks Görel , for making me do this !
But tell me one thing ...what on earth is that hole in the middle used for ?

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Lien zei

You clever girl, you did it, just recovered from the flu and there you go. Hooray! They look great, beautiful round circles too! I believe the hole is to hang them on a stick somewhere in your rustic wooden cabin. I once made some circle-shaped rye breads that were dried on a stick, so they would keep for a long time. BTW my husband finished my second batch in the end, he liked them, the older they got the crispier they became.

görel zei

I can only agree -- excellent breads! Lien is perfectly correct, in the old days, the bread was usually stored through the winter hanging on rods from the ceiling.

Baking Soda zei

Silence, stunned silence that's what's left for me! What a gorgeous looking crackers!

I actually saw lots of them hanging about in Maihaugen museum Norway.

Monique zei

Hey , Thanks Babes, I allready thought so. But in our wet climat I think it won't work.
Anyway, they didn't last that long, thanks to my hungry family..;-)

Sara zei

lovely crackers and cute pictures!

Cookie baker Lynn zei

Yours turned out so beautifully! How did you get such perfect rounds? Mine were quite deformed. Good job!