maandag 16 februari 2009

My kind of bread

And a special kind , also.
Because it is our 1 year anniversary of the Bread Baking Babes .
A year we bitched ,baked ,laught and cried together, as when we lost our BBBsister Sher.
We did send lots of mails , advices good or not , jokes and drinks over the world to each other.
And became good friends. Friends you can really " Bake on ".
And we found two more friends , because we became to little in number, after Sher died and Glenna left.(They will stay with us in mind). So , we found two new Babes ,and now we are a splendid dozen again . And we make a good mix.
Like this bread : a five grain with walnuts , from "the Italian Baker" of Carol Field. The Pane ai Cinque Cereali Five~Grain con Nod.
And, oh yes.... it has every-thing I like :

Walnuts , rice , whole wheat and just plain allpurpose , Rye , rolled oats , I milled all that and it made a good healthy bread .Great texture , great taste!

I made rolls and a bread :

For the complete recipe , visit our host of the month Tanna , who tossed this bread up and can tell you all about how to become a Bread Baking Buddie . And why we will stay a small group but love you to join baking with us.

And don't forget to sit at all the other BBB's kitchen tables and taste their breads .
And a very special welcome to our two new babes,
who allready proved to be real BBBabes.
Yeah , we'll make it for another year , the twelve of us !

8 opmerkingen:

MyKitchenInHalfCups zei

Gosh Monique that is beautiful: your words, your photos (especially that one of everything you like!) and most especially your friendship. So glad you're on this bread baking roller coaster with us.

Baking Soda zei

Lovely pics Monique, and a wonderful bread. You gotta love your nuts!

breadchick zei

Love the wonderful pictures of your grains! Great words and wonderful year of baking together. Here's to our next year.

Natashya zei

I love the shaping of your loaf!
And what a warm welcome, thank you so very much.
You are right, these were all great flavours to bake with - perfect for an anniversary loaf!

Lien zei

Great words, great loaf, great rolls, great babe!!!

Ilva zei

It is beautiful! Here's to another year of us baking together!

Sara zei

lovely bread and lovely post! happy year 1, babe!

Jude zei

Congrats on your first year! It's been fun learning from everyone.