zondag 15 maart 2009

It makes you smile !

To prove I really can bake bread , this picture.
'Cause I didn't bake anything out of this months Bread Baking Babes " Pane Franchese'.
Don't even dare to show you a pic. Not because the recipe was wrong , no , it is from King Arthur and it's good . Better look at Sara's. from I like to cook . She's this months kitchens host.There you can see how great it can be.
No , its just because I had troubles with my Chef. No , not at work , but with my first starter for this bread, called a Chef ,as in French. At least I blame him , don't we always blame the Chefs ? And I always hated chefs, in any job . Anyway , something didn't turn out right and my Pane became solid as clay.
But to prove I'm a real Baking Babe this picture of a bread I'm very proud of .
Made without wheat or diary products . And still tasty.
I have a child who has a wheat and milk intolerance , we discovered a few months ago .
A difficult combination , its in about everything .
But that boy has a bread and cookie-baking Mama and thats his luck . I now bake him , thanks to a recipe found in the "Laurels' Kitchen Bread Book" , a Soymilk Bread. And I use Spelt in stead of wheat. Spelt is often possible when wheat is not.And it bakes great.
I've never seen a bread having an ovenspring like this. The first one burned on top because it reached the top of my oven.
Every time I take a bread like this out of the stove , it makes me smile.
Because it always looks and tastes great, but most of all that enormous proud feeling I can make my child the best healthy-est bread there is for him . Hand- home- and heartmade !
It really makes me smile !!

Here it is :
2 1/2 cups unflavoured soymilk (cooked and cooled down)
2 tablespoons honey
2 teaspoons active dry yeast
1/2 cup handwarm water
6 cups of spelt flour ( mostly I do 2 cups whole- and 4 cups white spelt flour)
2 1/2 teaspoons salt
3 tablespoons soy -"butter" or 6 tablespoons oil.( I mostly let the butter melt in the cooling down soymilk )

In your mixing bowl , solve the yeast in the warm water with the honey , mix in the soymilk with butter , and 2 cups of the flour . "Cover" it with the rest of the flour ( + the oil if you don't used the butter) and the salt.Let stand for a few hours (but no more than 12). The yeast will be cracking the topping flour in that time.
Knead it , but no longer than 4-5 minutes because the Speltgluten will loose their strenght if you knead too long.Easy , isn't it ?
Let rise for 1 hour , then flatten and shape , let rise for 45 minutes. In the mean while heaten up your oven at 350 F . Bake the bread in 45 minutesuntil done.
Of course you can roll in / or over some seeds like poppyseeds , sunflourseeds , pumpkin- or flackseeds.
That funny smiley...can't help you with that . But just look into your mirror while holding your bread !

5 opmerkingen:

Lien zei

Wow that is a beautiful loaf indeed!!! Did that intolerance suddenly came about? Good thing that he can still eat spelt ánd of course that he has such an amazing BBBabe mother!
We already knew you are a real Bread Babe, didn't need to proof it ;-)
And you always make us smile!

Monique zei

Love you for this , Lien.
We hope this sudden intolerance is temporarely , blaming wrong medicins (he's got for almost 3/4 of a year) that did a lot of damage.Getting better by the week , now !Good bread is the best doctor.... is really true for us now !

Baking Soda zei

Oh my Monique that is one wonderful loaf of bread!! Amazing!
You are so right, lucky kid to have an inventive baking mom like that!

vincent zei


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