zondag 15 maart 2009

They made me do this.

How could I think of sneaking away and not blogging my Pane Franchesa pictures ?
They fell over me , my BBBsisters . I hád to post .To let the world know even a BBBabe is not perfect!.... ;-)
So with shame I present : One goodtasting but very heavy Pane. With wholes on places you only dream of in bad nights.
Because I used a starter from spelt and soya.Why ? See my earlier post "it makes me smile ".Thats the bread we eat these days
But believe me, next time it will be Rye and water!!
By the way , I killed my Chef ! Ha !

10 opmerkingen:

Natashya zei

I never judge a bread by it's looks alone - I bet it tasted great!
Once you turn that baby into sandwiches, you can enjoy it just for it's flavour and not it's body!
Thanks for coming out in your undies, now I will feel confident to do the same when mine doesn't turn out like I expect.

Lien zei

Brave girl for showing it anyway (as if you had a choice with all those babes coming at you with their rolling pins..hehehe). It really is not your fault that this annoying chef didn't want to behave. I agree with Nat. the taste is wat counts!

katiez zei

Appearances can be deceiving... I like the one with the smile, too...

And, I'm told, confession is good for the sole (I don't agree, but there you have it)

Monique zei

Yeah yeah , You girls do the nice talking ! But I'm the one feeling naked in the crowd now!
But I'll survive this embarrassing bread and keep on smiling. Like that Soya-bread I wrote about.(just glue one of those breadthings on my forehead)

Baking Soda zei

Wow! Holy moly bread Babe! This is not a failure, this is Artisan, Rustic, Healthy.

It just happens, and I love everyone that shows it happens!

breadchick zei

Oh Monique! You definitely win the prize this month for the monster bread. And the bravest Babe too!!

I'm glad you posted about your bread because in the end it is how it tastes.

I'd say though, the Chef had it coming :-)

Cookie baker Lynn zei

I would eat that bread. It looks strangely deformed, but still tasty. I still think you're an awesome Babe!

Marjoke zei

I'd rather have a tasty bread that doesn't look perfect than a perfect looking bread without any taste.
Love your free-style loaf.

MyKitchenInHalfCups zei

Hip Hip Hooray!! Good riddance to the chef, he had it coming!

Sara zei

if it tasted good, that is all that matters!