vrijdag 25 september 2009

Is it all chinese for us , Babes ?

Sorry I wasn't here on our Bread Baking Babes - posting day of this month , but it was a long travel before I could buy the Chinese flour Karen ( of Bake my Day , our host of the month ) was asking for in this months challenge.
And you know what ? It wasn't even for Baking !!!
Are we Babes getting weard or what ?

No , just kidding . I didn't have go all the way to China to get this special flour and this no-baking recipe is great. You did well , Karen ! I'll bring you some chinese steamingflour next time ! It really works well. No muscles needed for kneading.
The rolls are fun to do and it is even more fun to make different fillings. As usual it was hard for me to stick to the recipe.
I mixed the world , so to say.
I made Italian knots, with pesto and cheese , Japanese ones with Wasibi and ginger ( thanks again Karen ) , "Middle east"-sesame rolls with sesame oil and -seeds and seasalt and an american wreath with maple syrup .Looked fine but the syrup dripped out mostly . And okay , the red pepper and spring onion ones too . And honestly , the original ones became the most colorfull ones.And beeing pale as they are , they need that.

I used the same doughrecipe to bake real Indonesian BAPAO's , steamed rolls with filling inside.Great way to get ridd of your meat-left-overs
Are you steamed up allready ? Go and see the other babes and specially our kitchen of the month Karen to find out how Baking Babes Bake Breads without Baking !
'cause yes , we can !

6 opmerkingen:

Lien zei

You found the flour you superbabe!
I have to go and check more toko's here in the neighbourhood!
They look great!!!

Monique zei

Hi Lien ,

I had the luck that our daughter Leonie is studying in Arnhem , and is having a room just around the corner of an oriental supermarket. And in her studie she has friends from all over the world. and the chinese one could tell what to buy . Look for bapao-flour !

Natashya KitchenPuppies zei

I love that you did all different flavours! You are so creative, and the bapaos sound really good too - I will have to try them one day.

Cookie baker Lynn zei

Way to go, Monique! I'm in awe of all the varieties you made.

Baking Soda zei

Wat goed! They look great Monique, I love all the flavours. The flour makes nice white buns too!

Sara zei

wow you really got creative! way to go!