donderdag 16 juli 2009

Gone for Beirut , this month .

I know , posting too late again . And even no pictures.
Bad bad Babe !!! And a stupid one too , 'cause the recipe of these little breads from Beirut was on my bookshelve for a long long time . In the beautiful book Home baking , the artful mix of flour and tradition around the world( J . Alford, N Duguid) Karen of Bake my Day gave me as a birthday present once.Rich with pictures of people all over the world, stories and filled with delicious recipes of breads from all over the world you , unlike me , really have to make . All of them !! But somehow I 've missed these Sukkar bi Tahin as they call them in arabic. And thats too bad because they are great.
Thank you Natashya at living in the kitchen with puppies , as our host of the month ,for bringing these swirls up as this months Bread Baking Babe's bread.Otherwise I never , or at least for a long time would have made them and didn't know what I was been missing !!!
They turned out to be kind of flaky rounds , very nice to see . And eat !!! Flavoured by sugar , but not sweet at all and "filled" with Tahini . By the way , Tahini is a paste made out of sesame seeds , very much used in the middle east but avalable even here in Europe"s Holland. It reminds you to peanut butter and to be honest , I think I 'll make these Beirut swirls with that one day. I even could resist a jar of hazelnut-raisin paste as I reached out for the Tahini in the store. And believe me, it made those breads taste great too !!
The rolling out of these breads wasn't as easy as I thought , the paste was peeping out at a lot of places but Natashya told us not to worry because it was all in the game . Hurry to her kitchen table and see for yourselve . There you find the recipe and how you can bake it too and become a Buddy of us , baking Babes. And you can see her pictures or those from the other Babes ( list at the side bar ). Mine....????Sorry , my camera was in Russia with my hard working husband . I tried to keep some breads in the fridge for a pic but ..ah you know , temptation can be so hard to resist. As these swirls are . Try !!!

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Baking Soda zei

Oh yum! hazelnut paste? I think I have at least two family members on their way to you now!

MyKitchenInHalfCups zei

Hazelnut paste ... oh my yes that would be an absolute winner!

Natashya zei

I am so glad you liked them! We found them addictive too. I love the sound of the hazelnut-raisin paste, that would be delish!

breadchick zei

Hazelnut?!! Did you say Hazelnut??!!!

The heck with family members (not really Karen), you have Babes on the way!!!

Lien zei

yes me too hazelnutpaste, yummy!
I have the book in dutch, but my eye never fell on this recipe either.