donderdag 24 juli 2008

For Sher.

They keep going through my head, those words of that song : Heaven...must be missing an Angel...

Only now it is : Bakings Babes ..must be missing a sister....

Sher , of What Did You Eat is no longer with us.

And it shocked us all.

Although I never met her in person , never even saw a picture of her (until recently at Glenna"s tribute , look at A Fridge Full Of Food ) I'm mourning. She was our Bread Baking Babe - sister and we had fun with her.

It must be so hard for the family and close friends to lose her. I whish them all the strenght they need .

At BBB's we want to bring her a tribute , coming from all over the world as we are.
So , what can you bring someone like Sher ?? Well : Cook her dishes !! And write about it in our blog's. Oh , how she liked reading them and leave a message.....

I've choosen her couscousrecipe : Couscous With Spinache and Lemon Chive dressing.
Because we're very fond of couscous here , but more because her hillarious story about her not beiing able to sleep and running around with a paintballgun. That's Sher for me.I loved her for that sence of humour. Read it for yourselfs , you'll find it at "pasta's " . And no, I'm not posting the recipe here. Go , look , and find it at Sher's blog , What Did You Eat , that's so much worth visiting , even if she 's not there anymore. Her blog is a tribute to herselve.

After I finissed making her lovely couscous dish , I figured out my camera wasn't home. It went to Greece , with my daughter....So , sorry, no pictures.

Well, it didn't taste anyway, although the family here LOVED it . For me, on that moment there was one ingrediƫnt to much in it , to make it taste : SADNESS !

Thank you for letting me know you and beiing Babes together , Sher .
There will be an empty chair forever in that backrow of our BBB-classroom !

5 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei


What a lovely tribute to our sister. I can't stand the idea that every time I stand up in the front row and look back at you guys there is an empty seat.


Cookie baker Lynn zei

Lovely, Monique. Please pass me a tissue.

Kalyn Denny zei

What a lovely tribute to Sher. She was such a great person.

Glenna zei

Wonderful tribute, Monique. You did great. That's a wonderful recipe and Sher used to eat a lot of couscous. Yummy stuff. Thank you!

MyKitchenInHalfCups zei

Yes, I loved how Sher could make us all laugh. She is missed.