maandag 28 maart 2011

Feest !!

En ja hoor , mijn eerstvolgende stukje gaat toch weer over :
Brownies en Tiramisu
Niet zelfgebakken maar....het ultieme verjaardagscadeau : Een grote schaal vol !!!
Gekregen van Pascale , de vriendin van mijn dochter (maar ook mijn bakvriendin tegenwoordig).
Ik heb letterlijk met het mes staan zwaaien om nog gauw een foto te kunnen maken van een nog nét niet lege schaal.
Mijn hele gezin stortte zich erop .En ik vooral natuurlijk.
Wat een feest !!!En wat een lief idee !!
En lékker.....
Voor jullie blijft helaas alleen het genieten van de foto .

Groetjes , Monique

Een nieuwe lente ......

Daar was ze weer !
Bijna een jaar na de laatste posting...
Eigenlijk wel ,maar het was niet alleen luiheid.
Ook omdat de spam mijn blog vond. Tientallen berichtjes per week in een onleesbaar chinees lettertype.Zo vervelend.
Dus heb ik de boel maar eens even in de ijskast gezet.
Maar nu is ze er weer.
Weer met nieuwe zin , nieuwe verhalen en mooie foto's (hoop ik).
En gewoon in het nederlands.! Over meer dan alleen bakken.
Over alles wat er zoal voorbij komt.
Eindelijk dan toch een collum , hè Annemiek ?
Een nieuwe lente , een nieuw begin.
Ik heb er zin in !
Dus kom ik met mijn eerste lente foto over de brug :

Groetjes ,Monique

donderdag 22 april 2010

Spring is in the air

After a long lasting winter ,trees are getting blossoms and in the herb garden chives are coming up as green as green can be.Ready to find its way to the kitchen and into this month bread. Potato bread with chives .Our kitchen of the month princess Sara at I like to Cook asked us to bake this. And believe me , it tastes much better than it sounds. You need some leftover ¨potato´s and soymilk but just normal milk will do as well. And a bunch of chives.Its a real spring bread ´cause it rises as high as the weeds in my garden are growing at the moment.Full of life !!

It was easy to make and bake and so good!!!!!
The little greens of the chives were hardly visible in the sandwiches Nice, because they don´t eat stuff here with green in it.But they gave a great taste .
Next time I chop larger pieces so it will be seen and the bread wil be all mine, haha.
Sitting in the early morning sun in a spring garden eating this for breakfast....or in the eveningsun eating this bread with a bowl of springonion soup......Makes me so happy and makes me forget that long long lasting winter.

If you want to bake your own spring bread and want to become a bread baking babes´buddie please find the recipe at Sara´s kitchen .I don´t have time to give it to you , I have a battle to fight here....with all those fast growing weeds that are taking over my garden.Any one having a recipe for that????

BTW puppies name is PIP.

zaterdag 20 februari 2010

The reason for posting late , this month....


Born dec. 31 '09 and moved over to our house a few days ago.
She , our little German shepparddog , still has no name , or 5 'cause every member of this family wants to name her differently. So if you can come up with a name we all agree, she will be very happy.And so will I.

Oh ,but this post was supposed to tell you about this month BBB's bread.
Well it was good , it was fun and it was tasty.
But keep it to the sweet fillings , goath-cheese and sweetbread don't match , I think. Chocolat like Nutella will do perfect, fat and tasty, instead of pork fat....
What this is all about ?

It's called Ensaïmada and it's said that the origin dates back to the 17th century. Ensaïmadas are made in a lot of Spanish speaking countries, Spain obviously but also the Philipines and Puerto Rico.And now here at BBB's

My dear friend Karen of Bake my Day found this recipe for us.She's the kitchenQueen of the month and for further information you have to go and ring her doorbel.Give her my love and many thanks.
It was a great to do challenge.
Ï'm off to bake dog-bicuits now...

zondag 7 februari 2010

Mijn nieuwe blog al gezien ?

Over een heel oud servies , wat al honderd jaar in mijn familie is.....
Soms vind ik er nog weleens wat bij om aan te schaffen.
Elk stuk heeft zijn eigen verhaal.
Maar ook verhalen van andere verzamelaars hoop ik hier te krijgen.
En , heel misschien , meldt zich iemand die nog wat over heeft van dit leuke spul !
Kom in elk geval
even kijken ....
groetjes , Monique

maandag 1 februari 2010

A new blog is born

My second one :


Sad to say it's in dutch...
But I'll tell you about it. It 's all about a french china , very old ,from a little town , Sarreguemines in France. The name is Enfants Richard and probably the illustrations are from Kate Greenaway , an English writer of children's books in that time.

It's in my family for ages .It was there allready ,as far as I know ,in 1925 when my mother was born. When my brothers and I were little ,we loved when the pancake plate and the the sugar pot and so where used. Each of the pieces has memories , things to tell and each picture has its own story , told by my Mam when we where kids. Dear dear memories. There where no plates left and that's why I started collecting .Now a days I'm trying to find all kinds of items to make it complete.Thats what I'm telling about in my Blog . And if any-one of you has some of that china hidden under the know where to find me!
In the mean time , take a look at my new blogspot if you like :

There also are pictures of other collectioners , so don't think that big big cupboard is mine. Wish it was....
These are mine :


Cute isn't it ? Worth telling about !!

maandag 18 januari 2010

colorfull world...

The most colorfull food in the world is , as far as I know , the Indian Kitchen. Which I'm very fond off. Like my husband. To tell you the truth , we stop the car when-ever we see an Indian restaurant around dinnertime.Or almost dinnertime. Or whenever it is open....
We made several recipes at home ,but I never tried the breadbaking side of this kitchen. Bad BreadBakingBabe !!
But Lynn , breadbakingbabe-kitchen-of-the-month-host gave us a recipe of Naan , the indian bread.
As said "naan really can't be made at home because traditional naan is made by in a specially made, super hot brick oven " , Lynn found us a recipe that's really worth trying.The recipes come from Paul Hollywood's 100 Great Breads.
And I baked them on a hot baking stone in my stove.
To be honest , the plain "naan" was good.And simple to make.
And the "curry naan" I made only because it was in this challenge.
The mango-chutney and the raisins turned it into a color-full taste.
So don't spoil any time reading this post.
Run to Lynn's kitchen table and start making "Naan".

And give Lynn my love and thanks !