woensdag 13 februari 2008

Daily Bread

In spite of all the lovely breads in the world , there is one that I always come back for , because it's exactly right for our dutch sandwiches with cheese, peanutbutter (if you should like to )or Hagelslag, the sprinkler chocolat the rest of the world uses only on cake or so.

This is my recipe :

700 gr. flour. I use 400 unbleached and 300 fresh milled whole wheat.
15 gr. fresh yeast
14 gr. sea-salt
425 ml lukewarm water
40 gr milkpowder

Then I add a handfull of whatever is " in store" ,
sunflowerseeds , pumpkinseeds,rolled oats , millet , flaxseeds whole or milled ( my favorit ), quinoa and so on. All together or only a few.

No fat , no sugar . Just healthy stuff.

I use the "volcano methode", that means you make a sponge with all the water , yeast and a part of the flour.Cover it with the rest of the flour , cover the bowl and set aside.How long ? Depends on my not so regular life ...one night , a few hours ... Anyway , after a little time you can see the sponge bubbling through the covering flour , like a little working volcano.

After the resting time, mix your dough in your kitchenaid for a few minutes and let it rest again for the autolyse . Say 20 minutes . Than you put in the salt ,the seeds and milkpowder
DON ' T FORGET . I did, several times !
Well, the rest of the work is old news...mixing, rising , making and shaping , rising again in a loaf pan ,slashing a few cuts and bake it off in your oven , (with a little steam ) about 220 C or 425 F , until your inside food thermometer calls you to get it out of the oven ( at 95 C )

Most of the time, I do the baking
off in the evening, let it cool down at night and start eating for breakfast.

If there is still anything left.
But that's an other story.

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MyKitchenInHalfCups zei

Monique, that is a most beautiful post! And the bread looks fabulous!! Now I'd like to sit in your kitchen and enjoy a few slices!

Baking Soda zei

Now, that's a bread that will lure my kinds into the kitchen (as long as you don't forget the hagelslag!)

Beautiful pictures as well!