maandag 22 december 2008

Yule Wreath

(did you notice that tiny little Christmas leaf on this months logo? Thanks to Lien.)

From Betty Crocker's International Cookbook , Lynn , our host of the month ,picked out this delicious and good looking wreath for us.

But you can bake it every day of the year , not only at Christmas time ,because you can fill it with whatever you like.
For ideas ,look at my other Bread Baking Babe sisters' blogs , on the list at the right side . I think there are not even 2 wreaths that are look-a-likes.
For breakfast , lunch or dinner ...the excellent soft dough ( this is how a good dough has to feel )will match with every taste or filling.
And if you want to bake with us, send your result to Lynn (lynncraigATcomcastDOTnet) by the 27th of december and get yourself a Bread Baking Buddie Badge!
I made mine for a dinner with friends , together with a big bowl of Bouillabaise , that delicious French fish soup.
My filling for the wreath.....well I can't give you the exact recipe but I used dried tomatos in oil , garlic , very old Dutch cheese ,red onion, a twist of pepper , seasalt and italian herbs ( fresh and dried ) and made a smooth kind of sauce of it in my foodprocessor.
Although the baking time / temperature was a little too much for my oven (and the bread turned out a little too dark ), it tasted like

And so my friends and family agreed.It was gone in a minute or so. Thanks heaven this is a easy - to - do - recipe, great result and not so mutch effort.
Next one will be a sweet one ..or with nuts ...or....mmmm, no time to waste ,I'm off now !!

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MyKitchenInHalfCups zei

Hooray Monique it is beautiful!
And you are absolutely right, this would work for any festive or ordinary day!

Sara zei


Lien zei

Wow Monique another one that sounds sooo good. with cheese and italian stuff, that must have been delicious. A great recipe isn't it. The best part was sharing it with friends I bet!

astrid zei

All of your wreaths look so beautiful! Dried tomatoes and cheese is another yummy version.
With every version I read it gets harder to decide what to put in mine :)

Cookie baker Lynn zei

Your wreath sounds heavenly! Cheese and tomatoes - sounds like a pizza wreath. Yummy!

Ilva zei

Look great they do! Sorry for being late here but you know what's it like right now! Merry Christmas Monique!

Baking Soda zei

Oh it's a beauty Monique! Love your choice of filling!

Natashya zei

I love your perfect little swirls. I overstuffed mine so the swirls are a little distended.
I am tempted to turn around and make a sweet one now too....
Have a wonderful New Year.