maandag 18 mei 2009

Amore from Italy

This was real fun to make :
Easy to make dough ,.
Soft as a baby' know .
Easy to handle.
Easy to form and you don't even need a high-school degree " knotting " for these little breads.
And then......beautiful to see , to smell but most of all to taste.

Isn't that breadbaking-fun ? Yes , it is !
They are called Italian Knot Breads or Pane di pasta tenera condita .
And they were tossed up by ILVA from Lucullian delights. She invited us all to her kitchen table this month. Please join us there and see for yourselve how easy to do ( but with such great looks ) these Italian knots are.And maybe you'll join us as a Bread Baking Babe's Buddie.
Only one advice :
Because I thought the amount of flour was enough to serve a whole Italian family having lunch under the sun ,somewhere in a Italian farm garden , I made only half of the recipe to get just 10 knotbreads.
That was a mistake !!!

Because they were gone in no-time.And my family asked for more....
So bake them all by using the whole amount . And in the strange case of any leftovers , just pop them in the deepfreezer . Or send them over to me . Because I completely fell in love with them.
Italian Amore !!
Thanks Ilva. You know what is good for us ,Babes !

13 opmerkingen:

Astrid zei

Lovely, absolutely lovely! Your knots look amazing! Can't wait to give them a try!

Monique zei

Thanks Astrid, for coming by. Sorry you have to wait until tomorrow to find the recipe at Ilva's because thats BBBabes posting day.I was early posting because of my holliday coming up .But please do try !!

MyKitchenInHalfCups zei

Really they are/were lovely knots!
Beautiful with the rose!

Lien zei

Great Job Monique, I also half the recipe... but then made it twice, gone too soon here as well.
Have a great holiday!

Ilva zei

What a wonderful post and photo! Thanks Monique!

Baking Soda zei

Lovely pic Monique! These were great no? But eh.. I think I need to go back to school for a knotting degree!

Lien zei

Karen, je hebt toch hopelijk wel een 'strikdiploma'?!

Monique zei

Zo niet , kom maar bijscholen bij mijn kleuters , die leren het je wel !

Natashya zei

Wonderul knots! I agree they are addictive and a great treasure to have in the freezer.

Cookie baker Lynn zei

Perfect little knots! Half a recipe wouldn't be nearly enough when they taste this good.

breadchick zei

Oh I know what you mean about the mistake to only make 1/2 a recipe. I did that too and by the third still warm bun I was so mad at myself. Your little knotties are just so nice and perfect form.

görel zei

Great looking knots!

I'm so glad that I made the whole recipe. But they are so easy to bake, so it's no big deal to make another batch, is it? I know that I will!

Sara zei

i almost made a half batch of the buns, glad i didn't! there would have been a mutiny here as well.