donderdag 22 april 2010

Spring is in the air

After a long lasting winter ,trees are getting blossoms and in the herb garden chives are coming up as green as green can be.Ready to find its way to the kitchen and into this month bread. Potato bread with chives .Our kitchen of the month princess Sara at I like to Cook asked us to bake this. And believe me , it tastes much better than it sounds. You need some leftover ¨potato´s and soymilk but just normal milk will do as well. And a bunch of chives.Its a real spring bread ´cause it rises as high as the weeds in my garden are growing at the moment.Full of life !!

It was easy to make and bake and so good!!!!!
The little greens of the chives were hardly visible in the sandwiches Nice, because they don´t eat stuff here with green in it.But they gave a great taste .
Next time I chop larger pieces so it will be seen and the bread wil be all mine, haha.
Sitting in the early morning sun in a spring garden eating this for breakfast....or in the eveningsun eating this bread with a bowl of springonion soup......Makes me so happy and makes me forget that long long lasting winter.

If you want to bake your own spring bread and want to become a bread baking babes´buddie please find the recipe at Sara´s kitchen .I don´t have time to give it to you , I have a battle to fight here....with all those fast growing weeds that are taking over my garden.Any one having a recipe for that????

BTW puppies name is PIP.

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Baking Soda zei

By the looks of him/her? he fits in exactly! I still won't cuddle up with him/her though...
Instead I hug your bread!

MyKitchenInHalfCups zei

I love this bread. It is a real "riser" and beautiful.
Pup look wonderfully at home with spring.

Lien zei

What a cute dog.... yes well if you post a pictures of him (her) I'll mention that first... won't cuddle up either (hatsjoeeeee).

Great bread ánd a star for shooting pictures too.

Soepkipje zei

Instead I hug your bread??.....Gaat het verder wel goed met je Karen?? Iets te lang in de caravan gezeten misschien???
Heel mooi brood en mooie foto's Moniek. Goed idee (en jat ik ook meteen) het bakken in de romertopf!! :-))

katiez zei

The bread looks lovely, the garden beautiful and the puppy gorgeous....
Did he enjoy the bread?

Cookie baker Lynn zei

Your bread looks gorgeous and your pup is darling!

Ilva zei

sweet! I bet he liked the bread too!

Elle zei

Pip is so cute! Maybe he'll dig out some of those weeds :) Love your photo of the bread with the early spring flowers. Good to know to make the chives bigger.

Anoniem zei
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Gosia zei

Thanks for visiting my site and welcoming me as a Bread Baking Buddy. You're so right, some smoked salmon go so well with this bread. By the way, your bake is amazing. Look at that crust!

Sara zei

Beautiful photos, your bread looks great!

Elle zei

Pip is darling...hope she is going to show up on your blog again!
There is an award for you at my bread blog:

Anoniem zei

good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................